Building High Performance Teams (Internally)

High Perf Teams iNternal

Building High-Performance Teams (Internal)

  Duration:1 day course
  Effort:3 -5 hours
  Category:Team Work
  Institution:iEdge Consulting Ltd
  Price:US$99 Special Offer US$79

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This High-Performance Teams (Internally) workshop applies to teams or groups working inside an office environment that is focused on achieving the same goals. With our High-Performance Teams workshop, your participants will begin to see how important it is to develop a core set of high-performance skills while working in an office locale. By knowing and managing the way people interact in an office setting, you will be positioning your high-performance teams for great success!

Designed for

  • Those managing teams.
  • Those working in a matrix organisation.
  • Supervisors, Leaders, Managers

Learning Objectives

By the end of this workshop, you should be able to:

  Understand the benefits of high-performance teams.

 Address challenges faced by teams and teamwork.

  Conduct effective meetings.

  Be able to see the big picture when working with teams.

  Work collaboratively and effectively as teams.

  Adequately praise team members.

  Understand how to manage teams members not reporting to you.

  Develop effective teams.

Getting Started

Just to make sure the experience is as smooth as possible we’d like to suggest a couple of things you may or will need to get on with the course:

  • While we are happy for anyone to enrol in the course, we suggest that you should be at least managing/leading a team (big or small) or preparing for a role that requires your leadership skills
  • Internet connection is a big must
  • Readiness to learn, remember this is about you and so you need to be ready to take time to yourself and motivate yourself
  • Maybe something to write some notes down or ideas, but don’t worry the course documents can be downloaded at the end of the course for you to review and use at any time
      Have fun!

The Journey

What’s in it for me:A high-performance team can help create loyalty, collaboration, visibility and thus optimize productivity.

  Case Study: 1              Review Questions:1           

What’s in it for me: Challenges like chasing for high turnover rate can create competition, fear of failure, which put negative focus on productivity

  Case Study: 1              Review Questions:1           

What’s in it for me: Learn to provide adequate knowledge to the team and promote understanding among each other. Facilitate effective interaction and meeting.

  Case Study: 1              Review Questions:1           

What’s in it for me: High performance team share some characteristics like they understand the big picture and will have common goals. They can work collaboratively to produce quality results.

  Case Study: 1              Review Questions:1           

What’s in it for me: An effective team leader will provide adequate training to team members; gives timely and constructive feedback; views mistakes as opportunities; and always provide the environment for problem-solving.

  Case Study: 1              Review Questions:1           

What’s in it for me:Learn about some leading skills of a high-performance leader which includes: Vision, Patience, Humility and Humor, Courage, Compliance, Tolerance and Gratitude.

  Case Study: 1              Review Questions:1           

What’s in it for me: We will discuss some ideas for motivation: Don’t scare to let employees be idealists. Do not give negative criticism but ample amount of praise. Take time to have lunch with each employee.

  Case Study: 1              Review Questions:1           

What’s in it for me:Talent retention is important. Let each of them be visible and entertained. Give reward on good performance. Provide them with mentors on their path.

  Case Study: 1              Review Questions:1           

What’s in it for me: Learn how to increase team performance with appropriate authority. Ask timely questions to quickly resolve differences. Practice unanimity.

  Case Study: 1              Review Questions:1           

What’s in it for me: You’ve done it, well done! But don’t stop here. Let’s summarize all you have learnt and remember knowledge is no good kept in a cupboard. Implement what you have learnt, try the tools and see the outcome until you find a combination that works for you! Congratulations we know you got what it takes to make a run a great team and build a high performance teamr!

  Case Study: 1              Review Questions:1           

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