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Coaching – is the key to motivating and helping individuals and teams to solve issues, improve performance and develop skills and confidence in the workplace

Coaching is a process of equipping people with the tools, knowledge, and deep awareness to help them identify the opportunities they need to fully develop themselves to be effective in their commitment to themselves, the company, and their work. 

Coaching improves employee and organizational resiliency and effectiveness in change. Today, top executives and the best of all leaders engage witha coach, not becuase they lack confidence or know how, but becuase a coach works with them at a deeper level to help uncover their true potential and bring out the best in them.

Managers are increasingly expected to coach staff and thereby have a powerful influence on their teams and the organization as a whole. This coaching style of management differs from the traditional ‘command and control’ approach. It is about being able to ask questions that help people open up, and bring into play a wider circle of ideas and expertise.

While Coaching involves many forms of tactical approaches, our coaches have been trained by an ICF acredicated training programme that focuses on Transformational Coaching. Transformational coaching is achieved through a process of heightening awareness and deepening learning. Other coaching methodologies work on a  more  tactical or remedial approach useful for trouble-shooting and problem solving, but Coaching through transformation allows the individual to bring their awareness to all levels of their operation.

Our approach begins with a conversation with each client to a focus on building that client trusted relationship -one to one conversation focused on the enhancement of learning and development; through increasing self-awareness and a sense of personal responsibility.

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Creating the awareness is when key coaching begins, where a client often unravels what is beyond the surface concern. Our questioning techniques enable the client to get to what is important at and we create an accountability step to bring actions to results.

Coaching can be supported with mentoring and consulting; as and when the client requests, allowing us to create results at all levels - from personal - from whats holding back - from dealing with customer focused results, to generating growth and direction in business.

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Executive coaching unlocks the true potential, uplifts the engagement and boosts the performance of the leader, or his/her people and the organisation to facilitate transformation and accelerate development to create dynamic and focused results.

Our executive coaches provide business and personal coaching for individuals, teams and leaders to create the motivation and professional development needed to transform their business or careers.  With over 20 years in working with businesses globally, we focus on creating individuals with self development of individual talents to ensure they are synchronised with clear business and personal goals.

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iEdge's coaching is tailored to the individual’s situation and needs, which include:

  • Workplace Challanges - dealing with unaligned leaders, colleagues, office politics and people management? Coaching can assist in how to be your true self and manage those that do not align with you.
  • Transition Management-  dealing with a career move, new job or change all round?, coaching can uncover the depth of change challenges and leap forward to embracing the new opportunities.
  • Technical Transition to Management-  From  hands-on or 'geek' to becoming a people manager, coaching will help uncover your true natural talent to create your own style of leadership .
  • C-Suite. We understand the demands and challanges facing C-Suite Executives. Clients are challenged to understand their thought process to gain a deep appreciation of their leadership style and support in creating behavioral changes as needed.
  • Entrepreneur leap - Taking the launch from Corporate to your own business? Get coached in how to develop your self and your business, dealing with every challenge that faces a start-up. Our coaches are equiped with helping you overcome the demands and unknowns that you will face in the new venture.


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