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Facilitated Training

Facilitated & Classroom Training

Our training is facilitated by industry experts offering you an enriched experience that can help improve your business performance and apply industry knowledge.
Through an extensive array of training and implementation programs, we share our expertise with customer, helping teams improve their personal skills and create that cohesive business performance that makes businesses and their staff grow.
Through facilitated training, our trainers, question, challenge and create open forum discussions so that real work-life issues are tackled and coached through for transition and solutions.
In our facilitated and classroom learning sessions, students are encouraged to take more control of their learning process. Our trainer's role becomes that of a facilitator and organizer providing resources and support to learners to create that open forum.
The technique used at iEdge is a blended learning of creating theory and background information together with applied exercises, group discussions and team oriented exercises where participants learn from a simulated own working environment as well as from group discussions. Participants work independently to develop an action plan, related to the course content but tailored to their needs.
Our Trainers are specialized in the courses they teach and come with decades worth of experience in the specialized topics, to bring value in real life experiences to the learner.  
To inquire about our Facilitated Training Courses, view the courses below. 

Personal Development / Soft Skills

Technology &  Project Management

Management & Leadership

Entrepreneurship & Startup 

Sales Skills

Personal Development courses designed to create the confident, resourceful business leaders of tomorrow Embrace the modern technological world and keep up with your rivals with our bespoke technology skills training seminars. Management & Leadership development skills are core to a companies success. Our best courses for building the talent.  Business establishments require a wide array of all-rounder skills. Look into our Business Entrepreneurial skills courses to help you acquire the right skills and move your business forward.
Sales courses designed to create the confident, resourceful sales leads to grow your business.


Our blended training courses can provide greater flexibility to your organization by offering a variety of learning options. We work with your organisation and acquire the knowledge yto deliver to your needs. When you are looking for innovative, high-quality training material, backed by a level of customer service, come to iEdge!
View our course brochures for content and course outlines. 

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