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International Edge Consulting known as iEdge Consulting delivers solutions using its international experience with an Edge. That Edge is real life hands on experience of building and maneuvering our clients businesses towards growth, development & sustainability. We deliver this from understanding the business dimension, assessing the internal forces, applying external factors and developing staff with training to achieve the company's goals.

Our team has leveraged business practices from Europe, the America’s, Africa, Middle East and Asia. This global exposure has bridged the boundaries of cross cultural integration, business practices and “One-World” opportunities.

iEdge Consulting  has a unique expertise gained from our one-of-a-kind experience with our global customers. The solutions come from a combination of insight, assessment and deep knowledge of management and leadership qualities. We offer a powerful blend of skills – backed by tools, methodologies, and best practices – all with your company's goal in focus.

Our Values

We service our clients by three fundamental values:

To inspire results setting with Integrity, Respect and Purpose.

Our trainers and consultants are inspirational leaders that have developed the organizations core values with these characteristics.

To 'give back' with social responsibility.

We offer protégés from various organizations that support underprivileged individuals, the opportunity to attend a public course – the aim : to provide an opportunity for awareness, growth and development.

To build trusted relationships.

We continually strive to build trust and deliver value to all our clients. Our partnerships are based on commitment, reliability and trust. The key to our success is ensuring that the people we work with are tied relationships with a long term future.

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