Sales Fundamentals


Sales Fundamentals

  Duration:1 day
  Effort:4-5 hours
  Institution:iEdge Consulting Ltd
  Price:US$99 Special Offer US$79

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Although the definition of a sale is simple enough, the process of turning someone into a buyer can be very complex. It requires you to convince someone with a potential interest that there is something for them in making their interest concrete – something that merits spending some of their hard-earned money. 
The Sales Fundamentals workshop will give participants a basic sales process, plus some basic sales tools, that they can use to seal the deal, no matter what the size of the sale. You will become more confident, handle objections, and learning how to be a great closer.

Designed for

This course is not just for sales people. Salesmanship is an aspect in all parts of our work and this course identifies the key ‘sales’ skills needed in pitching yourself in any sale role.

  • All levels of jobs serving in a front line of customer relationships
  • Those who want to understand how to engage and sell in all aspects of their work.
  • Those wanting to develop great sales skills.     

Learning Objectives

  Understand the language of sales.

  Prepare for a sales opportunity.

  Begin the discussion on the right foot.

  Make an effective pitch.

  Handle objections.

  Seal the deal.

  Follow up on sales.

  Set sales goals

  Manage sales data.

  Use a prospect board.

Getting Started

Just to make sure the experience is as smooth as possible we’d like to suggest a couple of things you may or will need to get on with the course:

  • While we are happy for anyone to enrol in the course, we suggest that you should be at least managing/leading a team (big or small) or preparing for a role that requires your leadership skills
  • Internet connection is a big must
  • Readiness to learn, remember this is about you and so you need to be ready to take time to yourself and motivate yourself
  • Maybe something to write some notes down or ideas, but don’t worry the course documents can be downloaded at the end of the course for you to review and use at any time
      Have fun!

The Journey

What’s in it for me: Time to get started! We start with a review of the various types of sales and sales approaches and help you to understanding the language of sales.

What’s in it for me: Learn how to identify the right contact person and prepare yourself with a full needs analysis before jumping into a sales approach. Look at creating potential solutions and the objective of the sale before you reach your contact.

What’s in it for me: A look into warm calls and warming up cold calls. How to approach direct calls and using referral openings to get the attention. 

What’s in it for me: Learn how to distinguish features and benefits of your product or service. An important factor in helping sell your product/service lies in how your pitch is used and elaborated to the customer.

What’s in it for me: Learn to manage objections and the various types of objections you will face when trying to sell. We look at basic and advanced strategies for handling objections!

What’s in it for me: Understand when it is the right time to close the deal – This is an important factor in nailing the sale at the right time. We look at powerful closing techniques and things you should remembers in the close.

What’s in it for me: Developing the sale relationship comes with great follow up. Learn how to send thank you notes, resolve customer service issues and how to stay in touch with your new customer.

What’s in it for me: Setting goals in achieving sales is fundamental to achieving these goals. We review how to set SMART goals to ensure you stay on track.

What’s in it for me: Managing sales date helps to set forecasts and manage your results. We look at identifying suitable systems, and how to manage data via computerized and manual systems.

What’s in it for me: A prospect board is important in establishing sales targets. We look into using prospect boards and how to develop and manage the prospect board. This is the last section! But don’t stop here. Let’s summarize all you have learnt and remember knowledge is no good kept in a cupboard. Implement what you have learnt, try the tools and see the outcome until you find a combination that works for you! Congratulations we know you got what it takes to make a great leader!

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