Customer Service

Customer Servs

Customer Service

  Duration:1 day course
  Effort:2-3 hours
  Institution:iEdge Consulting Ltd
  Price:US$99 Special Offer US$79

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Each and every one of us serves customers, whether we realize it or not. From the front-lines of a company, to serving the people who buy your products and dealing with clients. This workshop will look at all types of customers and how we can serve them better and improve ourselves and our service to them.

Designed for

Al staff levels from back office to front office.
  • Customer services includes those internal to your company (service to others) and those external (public that generates your business) .
  • Those wanting to develop great customer service skills.     

Learning Objectives

By the end of this workshop, you should be able to:

  State what customer service means in relation to all your customers, both internal and external.

 Recognize how attitude affects customer service.

  Identify the customers’ needs.

  Use outstanding customer service to generate return business.

  Build good will through in-person customer service.

  Provide outstanding customer service over the phone.

  Connect with customers through online tools .

  Deal with difficult customers.

Getting Started

Just to make sure the experience is as smooth as possible we’d like to suggest a couple of things you may or will need to get on with the course:

  • While we are happy for anyone to enrol in the course, we suggest that you should be at least managing/leading a team (big or small) or preparing for a role that requires your leadership skills
  • Internet connection is a big must
  • Readiness to learn, remember this is about you and so you need to be ready to take time to yourself and motivate yourself
  • Maybe something to write some notes down or ideas, but don’t worry the course documents can be downloaded at the end of the course for you to review and use at any time
      Have fun!

The Journey

What’s in it for me: o Learn to understand what level of service you provide, and who you are, what customers are, what service actually means and the role of a service provider!

What’s in it for me: Service begins with attitude, learn about the power of appearance, attitude, your smile and energy plays in the role of valuable service.

What’s in it for me: Begin to understand the customers situation and meeting basic need. Learn about how to go the extra mile to get customer satisfaction!

What’s in it for me: Retaining business is the key to success, learn how to turn around customer and deal with complaints and turning difficult customer around!

What’s in it for me: Dealing with at-desk requests and learn about the advantages and disadvantages if in-person customer server. Learn to use body language to your advantage. 

What’s in it for me: We discuss the advantages and disadvantages of telephone customer service, and key telephone etiquette in customer service,

What’s in it for me: A look into electronic communication and how to provide the right service. Understand Netiquette and eliminate back/fro emails. 

What’s in it for me: Learn how to de-escalate anger, establish a common ground and set limits on what you can handle with problem customers. We discuss handling emotions and reactions to ensure the quality of your service stands up.

What’s in it for me: Learn how to deal with bad language, insults and threats from difficult customers. 

What’s in it for me: How to WOW your customers every time. Top tens tips to WOW your customers every time. 

What’s in it for me: You’ve done it, well done! But don’t stop here. Let’s summarise all you have learnt and remember knowledge is no good kept in a cupboard. Implement what you have learnt, try the tools and see the outcome until you find a combination that works for you! Congratulations we know you got what it takes to make a great leader!

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